Job Searching When Considering a Move


In the current job searching landscape, some opportunities will inevitably come with choices. In some situations, a job seeker may be considering moving to a new city or state, or may find that a promising opportunity would require such a move.

According to US News and World Report, the first thing to keep in mind in such a search is that things will likely take time. Barring some high-demand industries like IT or engineering, it may take a few months for a position to arise. It's important to keep this in mind from the beginning, as otherwise it may be more difficult to keep a positive outlook.

It'll also be necessary to explain your intentions in the search itself. In a cover letter, it may be a good idea to explain that you're planning to move. This will keep managers from thinking you're not entirely serious about landing the job itself. It will be especially beneficial if you have concrete plans about moving to the area, or can at least explain when you expect to be settled in. Employers are sometimes unsure about candidates because their plans may not work out entirely. Proving that you're dedicated will help ease their jitters.

Work around others' schedules

The news source notes that it should be important for candidates to ensure employers can interview them in an easy way. A big reason why employers are unsure about dealing with applicants from far away is the trouble of preparing interviews and meetings with someone who may be coming from hours away. Doing everything in your power to improve your hiring potential will work, from arranging your own schedule to fast-tracking moving plans. You'll be able to start the new job earlier and your managers will be impressed at the extra effort.

If you're making a move first and don't have immediate job prospects, it may be a good idea to look into staffing companies in the area you plan on traveling to. They will likely be able to help you find a job, whether temporary or permanent. Often, they will also be able to look at your current resume or conduct mock interviews and help you hone your craft. 

However, if you're at the beginning of your search, placing information about your plans at the top of a cover letter can be beneficial as well. It will announce your intentions the moment your application is received. One way to do this is to place a note directly below your address that states your plans or even list your address as a local friend or family member's location. If you do the latter, make sure you can make it to a potential interview within 24 hours.

Do your research

The Fiscal Times adds that it's important to do your homework before moving, both on the city itself and the potential jobs you're looking to find. Some cities that many people dream of, like San Francisco and New York City, can be very expensive to live in. It's important to ensure you will be able to afford and succeed in your new location. Everything from your daily commute to the local area's reputation should be considered, as well as the quality of the position itself.

No matter what, it remains important to be prepared. Whether that means finding local staffing services as a backup plan if your first job doesn't work out or keeping an active job search going even after you find a new job, keeping your eye on the possibilities will help you make the best of the situation.