Machinists, a Passionate and Particular Breed

Hands working on a machine
We’ve learned over the years that inside almost every machinist is a person of deep passion. We asked our recruiters who work with machinists and tapped the social web where machinists hang out to find out more about the not-so-secret passions of machinists. Here’s what we discovered.

Born troubleshooters
Machinists are passionate about getting things right, as close to perfect as humanly possible. When things aren’t perfect they often turn to each other for critical help in troubleshooting answers. As an example, check-out this thread from a popular online forum where a machinist with a tricky problem invited the community to help him troubleshoot. You’ll be struck by the swift and helpful advice he received from the group.

Machines matter
We spoke with Alex Horst, an Aerotek recruiter who works closely with some of our most skilled machinists. We asked her a simple question: What makes machinists unique? Alex didn’t hesitate. “Machinists are particular! Especially the highly skilled ones. One of my top guys tends to be very specific about the types of positions. He’s very particular about the types of manual lathes he would be working on at a prospective company’s shop. Here’s the thing: Highly skilled and experienced machinists like him can afford to pick and choose where they work, so he’s generally a very happy machinist at work.”

Machinists stick together
Like everyone else, machinists love to congregate in online forums to seek advice, share ideas and talk about their tools and projects. We found a great example of how the machinists community works together in comments to this post. A machinist posted that he’d “just bought a new Rockford vertical manual mil” and wanted the group's advice on what ― with a modest budget ― they thought he needed to complement his new tool in his home workshop. Unless you’re a machinist, most of the very particular advice he received might read like Greek, but it’s easy to see how much helpful and specific advice he received from his fellow machinists.

Spreading the craft
We asked Alex for her thoughts on what types of things her top machinists were most passionate about, and she had some interesting insights. “They love sharing and learning in online forums. They’re very proud of their skills and their tools. They love to test and flex their machinist chops together in these online communities and discussion groups. Many of my top machinists are passionate about volunteering at trade schools. It makes sense, really. They are skilled crafts people, totally committed to sharing their advanced skills with the next generation of machinists. For them, it’s a labor of love ― a love for their trade and a passion for sharing it with the next generation of machinists.”

If you’re a machinist proud of your passions, tools and most of all your skills, let us have a chance to help you plan your next career move. Create an Aerotek machinist account and explore our current machinist opportunities.