Networking Can Unearth Private Job Opportunities


Job boards are one of the first resources that anyone would turn to when they're looking to find a job, but as widely seen and advertised as those boards can be, recent studies have found that there may be better ways to discover opportunities.

According to Fox Business, a recent study co-sponsored by professors at the Universities of Chicago and Maryland, as well as an employee from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, found that job boards are only one approach to the bigger job search. In researching the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, the experts found that many jobs aren't advertised at all before they're filled.

In examining data from 200 to 2006, the researchers found that more than 40 percent of hires in that time were at establishments that had previously reported having no open positions. This is often because employees of the company were able to find an excellent candidate before they even had a chance to advertise the opening. One strategy the news source recommends to counteract this effect is to attempt to meet and connect with professionals at a location you're interested in. By doing this, in the event of a potential opening, you'll not only be able to hear first, but you can jump on the opportunity.

Networking is key
The researchers found additional evidence that further emphasizes the importance of networking in these situations. In 27 percent of hiring situations, the establishments in question never officially registered that there was an opening in their workforce. Many of these situations mean that companies are willing to make an immediate hire in the event that they find a desired employee, which further emphasizes the importance of networking. Meeting the right person in your preferred industry could make the difference between continuing the search and landing a dream job.

Additionally, these facts mean that it's important to make contact with recruiters, who will likely be able to track such employment chances before they hit the general public as well. Working with a staffing services company not only will help you readjust your job searching efforts and help improve your skills in future applications and interviews, but if you make a positive impression, you'll likely be at the top of their list when companies come calling.

What's more, the researchers found an interesting tidbit about different hiring approaches that companies take. The less often a company returns your call, the more likely it is that they aim to fill long-term positions. This is another reason why searching for these jobs is a worthwhile endeavor.

Pounce on opportunities
This isn't to say that job search boards aren't worthwhile. In the right situations, they can be perfect, especially when it comes to those on popular job search sites like LinkedIn. According to IT World, some companies hide their listings so that they're only seen by the best candidates on their site. These methods include the Updates section on the website's main page. The catch? Often, you'll need to have prior history with the hiring managers and recruiters posting them, and you'll need to act fast. This isn't hard to do either - an easy way to become more intertwined in their resources is one click away.

Groups on LinkedIn are common, and often center around a profession, skill or university. By accessing these resources, you'll automatically be put in touch with a variety of different employers and valuable members of an industry. Not only can you find new employment opportunities using these pages, but you can more easily learn about industry news and developments, further helping your chances in future interviews.