Quick Lessons on Better Work-Life Balance

Last week, Regional Vice President Vinay Nayak, spoke on a panel discussion that focused on work-life balance. Panelists shared their views on how they think about, talk about and approach work-life balance, as well as the way they redefine success both at work and home. Here are some of his takeaways:

1. Trust and empower employees

Give your staff the freedom to find their own ways of working and their own paths to success. Realize that what works for one employee, may not work for another. It doesn’t necessarily matter how the work gets done, as long as it does get done.

2. Be clear about expectations

In communicating with employees, leaders must create a transparent work environment where employees are clear about project and company goals and expectations, and are held accountable for what they produce.

3. Lead by example

Vulnerability creates community. When leaders are self-aware, open and model good work-life balance, it creates a more cohesive, positive and productive work environment.

4. Understand that work-life balance is essential to business

Work-life balance is really about talent acquisition and retention — creating high-performing teams at work and in life. Leaders should find creative ways to achieve this balance without compromising the needs of their organizations. When life or work responsibilities do feel unmanageable, professionals should feel comfortable "leaning" on and getting feedback from trusted colleagues and managers.

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As regional VP for the Northeast, Vinay manages 35 offices that help put more than 13,000 people to work each week. Vinay was recently honored in New York City with a 2015 Multicultural Leadership Award at the 5th Annual Tri-State Diversity and Leadership Conference. A founding member of Aerotek’s Executive Diversity Council, he was one of only 12 recipients of the award, which recognizes individuals who have "made a difference through their achievements and exemplify the ability to lead."