Software Engineers: A Red-Hot Seller's Market

How hot is the job market right now for skilled and ambitious software engineers? One of Aerotek’s most veteran software engineer recruiters claims it’s “red-hot” and offers this anecdote to illustrate just how hot: “I have had top software engineers putting feelers out into the market and within one week received thirty calls with job offer opportunities from across the country.”  

Where do you want to work?

Another of our software engineer recruiting specialists, Claire Krieger explains, “Because of the incredibly hot market for skilled software engineers, the offers can be very enticing to move. I’d say more than 90 percent of our software engineer contractors tell us they’d move for work for the ideal slot. And that’s what more and more of our contractors are saying. We’re to a point where we say, ‘Tell us the category, the company and the city you’d love to work and live in. Chances are we’ve got that job.’”    

Software engineers: Switched-on and connected

As software engineers explore their career choice options, they often turn to online forums to research the situation on the ground — in the town and at the company they are considering. We discovered one Reddit thread here where a software engineer was seeking advice about the best-fit companies in a market he recently moved to. Forum users offered a range of helpful advice about everything from the housing market and schools to the average pay levels for software engineers in the region. We’re reminded of our own recruiters who often get this involved in career support for our software engineers researching and exploring the pros and cons for a particular marketplace before accepting an offer to move.
Career challenges and compensation

But when it comes to what makes software engineers likely to move it isn’t always just about the money, the schools or the thriving local culture. Aerotek recruiter Melanie Wilson offered this insight, “Many of my software engineer contractors tell me they are thirsting for challenges in their work. One of the hottest fields in software engineering is embedded systems. So, many of my top software engineer contractors are ready and eager to relocate if a challenging opportunity in embedded systems opens up elsewhere.”

And move they do. Whether it’s at the growing number of Internet-of-Things (IoT) startups in Silicon Valley, expanding global financial companies in the canyons of Wall Street, or the hundreds of towns and businesses in between, the number of cutting-edge software engineer positions waiting to be filled makes it a decidedly seller’s market. 

Following your dreams

If you’re a software engineer thinking about taking on new challenges, let us know your dream company and city and give us a crack at helping you plan your next career move. Create an Aerotek software engineer account here if you haven’t already. To explore our current software engineering opportunities visit here.