Software Engineers – Having It All, Job and Career Satisfaction

Man sitting in front of computer with headphones
For software engineers living in the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, advanced robotics and embedded systems, these are amazing times. Curious to understand how these advances affecting job and career satisfaction among software engineers, we tapped the social web and checked in with our recruiters for some insights.

Having it all, defined

When we’re talking about “having it all” we usually mean finding a job where we’re challenged and stimulated and we’re rewarded well. In the high-tech world of today’s marketplace, software engineering is one of the jobs where having it all can be an achievable reality for professionals at the top of their game.

Control is good

One of the most compelling measures of job satisfaction, in any discipline, is the amount of control we have over what we work on and produce. In software engineering sometimes the answer can be “a lot,” and when that’s the case, the software engineers we speak with say it’s extremely rewarding.

We came across this great quote on a popular Google+ software engineer’s forum illustrating this type of control: "Typically, product managers are the owners. I’ve even heard that product managers are like mini-CEOs for their product. I agree with that in some areas, but I also believe ownership should be shared between PM and engineering." In a world where more and more of the products we use all day and every day are essentially software, this can mean a lot of opportunity for the creative and ambitious software engineer to enjoy some control and autonomy on the job.

Career as destination

Aerotek recruiter Claire Krieger says it’s a very strong market right now for software engineers, but reminds us to think long term. “Because of the current job market, many software engineers are expecting higher pay levels than their years of experience might normally suggest. We work hard to help them manage their expectations and still achieve their financial objectives over the long-term. We always suggest thinking of your career as a series of destinations. They know what we know ― if a skilled engineer puts the time and effort in, great rewards will come.”

Supply and demand

Software engineers are in high demand across a multitude of industries, from computer systems design and electronic product manufacturing to financial services and media platforms. Current BLS statistics project 19 percent employment growth for the field between 2014 and 2024, with an estimated 135,300 new job openings. “Software engineering is definitely a growth field to be in right now. The contractors we work with are creating very satisfying career paths, many finding the kind of work that evolves over time. This makes becoming a software engineer a smart and an exciting career choice,” adds Claire.

Having it all

Claire left us with some parting words. “It’s really a unique situation. We have a considerable number of clients seeking to fill coveted positions with top-notch people. The ambitious and highly-motivated software engineering candidates are landing great jobs and building deeply rewarding careers.”

If you’re a software engineer looking for a deeply rewarding career, we invite you to create an Aerotek career account or explore our current software engineering opportunities.