Staying Motivated During Your Job Search, Even When It's Tough


It happens in every job search. No matter how promising your outlook appears, there's always a moment of doubt where it's really hard to stay motivated. In a tough job market, being ready to invest in a long search may be necessary, and your confidence and motivation will help you reach a higher level of quality in your search.

One of the best ways to keep yourself happy and motivated is to get out and talk to people at different networking events, US News and World Report suggested. A potential way you can do this could be by joining a job search group. Doing this will allow you to meet up with people in the same boat as you, as they will also be looking for new jobs. You'll also be able to meet with professionals who can help you present yourself in the best light possible. Other examples of ways you can get out of the house is to meet with friends who may be able to help you. If they're employed in industries related to your career, they'll be able to let you know about any available positions or job openings they've heard about as well as any information as to bigger-picture changes in the industry.

Take a break when you need it

Another important factor that you need to remember during the job search is that you should take breaks occasionally to let yourself recharge. Focusing solely on improving your resume and expanding your network can be productive, but it will lead to some frustration over time if you have a one-track mind. Instead, get out occasionally to free your mind and stop worrying about the search. Whether it's through new hobbies, exercise, reading or finding new media that can improve your mindset will be invaluable over time.

Sometimes, you will feel like you just need to vent. It's a good idea to have a friend or family member, or potentially a mentor, who you can talk to when you're feeling low. They'll help you talk through many of the issues that are making you feel down about the job search, and they'll also help you get out some of the frustration you'll inevitably feel. In some cases, you'll want a friend to monitor how negative you're being in a given situation. It's fine to let out some steam every now and again, but they'll be able to tell if your feelings are having a bad effect on how your search is going.

Try new things

You might also want to try new job search techniques that you're not used to as a way of expanding your horizons. If you're sticking to online applications only, you might want to visit a staffing agency. If your resume hasn't had too many responses, reorganizing it might be a better idea. Switching up your approach will help you get a new mindset and develop a new way of thinking about the search over time.

Reader's Digest noted that a good way to keep confident over time, and to keep track of your long-term goals, is to have a consistent dream in mind. If you have a set plan for what you want to achieve over time, you'll be able to conduct your daily approach to the job search in a more positive light, giving you more than enough inspiration to focus on self-improvement. This will come across in your cover letters and your interviews, not to mention your networking approaches, and help you determine better ways to go about the search. The long-term effects of this approach will likely be wildly positive.