The Benefits of Choosing a Staffing Agency


Staffing or recruitment agencies have risen to grab serious attention from businesses, which can see huge benefits by finding workers through such firms, Business2Community reports.

According to the news source, businesses stand to benefit from staffing firms because they serve as an extra pair of eyes that can always be on the lookout for the best talent and those that would be the best fit for the company. Business owners can use staffing agencies to find and hire either temporary or permanent workers, which can greatly add flexibility to any operation.

Publicly listing open positions and sifting through candidates to find the perfect hire is often a time-consuming - and expensive - process that can hinder any business' productivity. But by turning to a staffing agency, businesses can get the most out of their time and in the end, bring on the right worker.

Avoiding extra costs
According to the news source, one of the greatest benefits of staffing services is the ability to limit risk. Choosing the perfect candidate can often be a trying experience, and this holds especially true for positions that require a unique set of skills - say, IT or graphic design - that some hiring managers may not be familiar with. If the wrong employee is chosen, it can leave a longstanding impact on any business in the form of lower productivity and increased costs.

Some estimates say a hire that doesn't work out can cost anywhere between 50 and several hundred percent of the worker's salary, considering the mounting costs of interviews, potential relocation and training time. By reducing this risk, staffing agencies offer only the candidates that have the most to offer.

Finding hidden talent
Many employers say they are experiencing increasing difficulty in finding workers who have the necessary skills for the position. Currently, there are three million jobs going unfilled throughout the country, and while this was once believed to be the result of a growing skills gap, now it seems more likely that the talent is there - employers just can't find it.

This is where a staffing agency can really come into play, and can look through hundreds of resumes to find that perfect hire that has the appropriate skills set, as well as the personality and work ethic that match a company's culture. Staffing firms screen the best candidates through a series of interviews and conduct background checks to ensure that only the best are sent to any business for further consideration. Many times, staffing firms will also offer training programs to help a potential worker become the ideal hire, further taking away the potential for a bad hiring decision.

Ways of hiring
Rather than limit their search options, staffing agencies typically take several different approaches to identifying the perfect employee, and helping companies lower their hiring costs. Often, firms will take on services like payroll and workers' compensation for the beginning of the work period, while others will work to ensure a business has the needed workforce for strong seasonal surges in demand.

Staffing firms also work within individual sectors, such as healthcare or engineering, to help niche companies find exactly what they are looking for.

The U.S. jobs environment is slowly improving, with the latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showing that 171,000 jobs were added in October, while the numbers for the previous three months were also revised up.