The Best Career Advice I Ever Received

Business professional in a casual office setting
A good nugget of career advice is worth its weight in gold. Recently, we asked some of the members of Aerotek’s recruiter panel to share the best career advice they ever received. Read on to benefit from these words of wisdom.

Always go beyond your comfort zone.”
Kate Keller, Sr. Professional Account Recruiting Manager;

“My best advice came from my current manager Pat Bauer,” says Keller. “Pat told me to strive for professional growth every single day. Never become complacent and always go beyond your comfort zone. I believe that he gave me this advice because he knew I was someone who doesn’t like being uncomfortable and saw that this was an area in which I could grow. I have really valued this advice and attribute a great deal of my success at Aerotek to following it.” 

“Don’t be affected by things you can’t control.”
Claire Krieger, Embedded Software Engineer Recruiter

“I used to be bothered by lots of things that I couldn’t do anything about,” recalls Krieger. “Sometimes my reactions negatively impacted my attitude and my performance. Nowadays, when I start to feel things getting to me, I remember this advice and try to let it go.”

“Do the job to get the job.”
Julie Lewis, Sr. Professional Account Recruiting Manager

“Don’t just sit back and wait for a promotion,” says Lewis. “Act as if you’ve already been promoted. Learn the skills you need for the job you’re coveting, and start using them. Others will notice and you’ll have proven yourself worthy of that promotion.”

“The discipline you learn and character you build from setting and achieving a goal can be more valuable than the achievement of the goal itself.”
Jackie Ross, Professional Recruiter Lead

“The best advice I’ve ever received came from a quote sent to me by my father some years ago. The quote is from Bo Bennett, author and host of the Dr. Bo Show,” says Ross. I have found these words to be true both in my professional and personal life.”

“Take feedback to heart.”
Dana Sheehan, Sr. Professional Account Recruiting Manager
“I received this advice from one of my account managers at Aerotek,” says Sheehan. “Feedback is always helpful, but it won’t do much good if you aren’t willing to hear it and put it to use in your work going forward.”

“Learn to sell.”

Matt Wiehe, Sr. Professional Recruiter

“When I interned at a sports agency, I asked many of the partners for advice about what to do after my internship. I wanted to know if they recommended law school, business school or on-the-job experience. Without exception, all of the partners recommended I learn sales,” Wiehe recalls. “They all agreed that my career would most benefit from learning how to read and relate to people — skills I would develop in the sales industry. Once I honed my skills as a salesperson, they said I could do just about anything I wanted to do in my career.”

Aerotek recruiter panelists, Kate Keller, Claire Krieger, Julie Lewis, Jackie Ross, Dana Sheehan and Matt Wiehe contributed to this article.

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