The Stats and Stories Behind National Staffing Employee Week

Freedom. Variety. Balance. Just some of the reasons why a large number of American workers are choosing the contractor or temporary employee lifestyle over more traditional, permanent positions these days.

As the American Staffing Association (ASA) kicks off National Staffing Employee Week, we at Aerotek would like to take a moment to celebrate the work our contractors do — and the contributions of contract employees across the country.

Every week, more than 100,000 Aerotek contract employees keep organizations running across America’s most critical industries — from aerospace and defense to accounting and construction.

A lot to celebrate

The latest statistics from ASA show the staffing industry has much to celebrate as a whole. At the moment, an average of 3.24 million temporary and contract employees are showing up to work each week, a 2.9 percent increase from this time last year. Their contributions are seen in a wide range of disciplines, from highly skilled occupations to industrial labor positions — a true cross-section of the American workforce .

National Staffing Employee Week

According to ASA, the staffing industry has added employees in the last 22 of 23 quarters. Not only are more people choosing contract work — more enjoy it. As Cynthia Poole and Steven Berchem of ASA note, “Temporary and contract employees report extraordinarily high satisfaction, with nine out of 10 (92 percent) giving top marks to their staffing firm.”

The impact of contract and temporary employees

National Staffing Employee Week is more than just a celebration of statistics, though. It’s a chance to highlight contract and temporary employees who’ve found tremendous opportunity. We’re humbled to be a part of their stories.

In some cases, the story has been about giving people a chance when no one else has. “The staff at my local Aerotek office have given me one of the best experiences with a staffing agency I have ever had,” says one contractor named Melissa. “I am now at a company where I am very happy, and it fits my personality perfectly.”

Sometimes, it’s about removing stress and uncertainty. Another contractor, Ashley, remembers, “I had to move on short notice and was unable to transfer with my current job. Aerotek…was able to find me a job right away. [They] took time to evaluate my skills and get me ready for interviews.”

For Ashley, security was as important as happiness. “I was able to find a job in a company that I really love! My contract is coming to an end and already [Aerotek has] started reaching out to me to find out what our next course of action will be… Usually in this type of situation I would be extremely stressed but having Aerotek…working with me, I am completely at ease.”

In the end, some of the best stories are ones in which people have felt supported and empowered to make an impact. “My recruiter…kept in touch with me during my contract assignment and showed an interest in how I was doing on the job,” says Sheila, a contractor in Aerotek’s scientific division, about her experience working with Aerotek.

She adds, “I have been blessed to have two great recruiters working with me to establish great opportunities where I can give back in my area of expertise within my community.”

National Staffing Employee Week is truly a celebration of the stories behind the people who drive our industry. Millions of hard-working professionals who show up each day ready to make a contribution.

Now, we’d like to hear your story.

How has temporary and contract work shaped your career and made an impact on your life? Use hashtag #StaffingStars to tell your success story.