Traits to Look for in a Candidate


When it comes to looking for the right candidate, companies need to balance finding a worker with the right skills with someone who fits well with the office culture. However, this also comes with understanding the time and resource constraints that can come along with this extended search process.

One way to make this job easier is to understand a few key red flags that may arise any time during the hiring process, the Rochester Post Bulletin reports.

There will always be varying preferences when it comes to making a hire. You'll also need to take a unique approach to each candidate to truly understand what he or she has to offer. However, staffing companies and recruiters have established a few basic principles that suggest that once a candidate has shown the necessary technical skills, it's best to then focus on the areas that can't necessarily be taught. These areas include the ability to contribute to a better office culture and if the candidate has natural management abilities.

If these basics appear to be there, start focusing on the traits that could potentially cost you in the long run.

Attitude assessment
The way candidates present themselves and interact with others is a huge tell for any recruiter. Look for any indication of detachment or a lack of immediate focus. The interviewee may be there in the flesh, but if the mind is world's away, you may want to pass on.

Likewise, look for an employee with humbleness and humility, the news source stated. Still, make sure you understand the difference between an air of superiority and confidence, as the latter can be a fantastic quality in a worker.

Also, be sure to seek out candidates who seem able to adapt, are flexible and aren't reluctant to potential change.

According to CareerCast, it's also worth investigating any potential "job hopping" in the past, if this may be suggested by the candidate's resume. A choppy resume with several unrelated work experiences suggests the potential employee could leave quickly again.