Unique Approaches Can Get You Noticed When Job Searching


If it's been a while since you've started a job search and aren't getting far with your application, you may think there's something wrong with your approach. There's no question that hiring managers are looking for something new and different when they dig through a pile of resumes. Recently, the idea of a new approach to the application has become popular in the news, and by extent, the office.

According to Foodbeast, one graphic designer who was struggling to find work turned his resume into an expertly-designed box of chocolates that quickly went viral. This is a great example of how a new approach can improve your likelihood of finding a position, but there are certain aspects of the designer's approach that are especially relevant.

It's not enough to simply send employers a box of chocolates with your resume attached. This approach succeeded because of the way the worker designed his application. On the cover of the box, he created a stylized logo of his name, and then inside posted information about his career. It showed off his industry skills in an unorthodox form. Displaying your skills in a unique application is a must, as it shows off both your confidence and your strength in your abilities.

Combine enthusiasm with proper approach

Charleston, South Carolina's WTMA 1250 adds that another unique approach came from a student out of Northwestern. Searching for a position in advertising, she took her love of Legos and designed a sample advertisement featuring a mockup of herself in Lego form. With the Lego, she included a number of different qualifications about herself. This shows that it's important to approach your specific industry with a design and stylistic attempt that keeps expectations in mind. A sample advertisement worked well for an advertising application, but it wouldn't necessarily work for other companies.

As such, it's important to note your specific intended market in this approach. If you're applying for an engineering position, you should emphasize your skills in the STEM fields, such as a mathematics or technology-based attempt. If you mismatch thinking outside the box, your attempts may backfire, leaving you back at square one. Make sure that if you're trying to be creative, you're working in the right context. Otherwise, your efforts may not find as much success as you'd hope.