Using Originality in Your Job Search


There's no doubt that the modern job search has some issues. One of the biggest is that it's hard to stand out from among the crowd, as every job searcher's resume and cover letters likely look similar at first glance. When trying to break out from the monotony, there are specific strategies that can help, as long as you don't go too far outside of the box.

Creative fields need creative approaches

According to Mashable, the modern job search takes time. When 80 percent of job postings can go unlisted, restricted only to those with recommendations or already inside a company, it's clear that applicants will need a step up on the competition. Add an average of 100 resumes submitted for every job posting and 50 percent of applications being rejected by software, and it's clear that a user might not want to take the normal approach.

Especially in creative fields, the news source recommends taking a chance and showing off your skills in an inventive way. Some successful strategies have included website developers creating their own job search websites and writers blogging about themselves and why they'd be a great hire. Another example that brought its user success is the creation of a customized marketing campaign to catch companies' attention. Taking a strategy that uses the exact methods that a company takes in its everyday actions and using it specifically to land that job has grown in the past few years to become a new, inventive and interesting way to approach a potential hiring manager.

Innovating with a more traditional resume

The news source recognized that not every job application will fall under these considerations. Many prospective job searchers will be limited to their own paper resumes, and in these cases, the success of a novel approach will likely live and die with the manager seeing it. This means that these applicants should consider a few questions before improvising a new strategy.

In these cases, it's first important to consider how detailed this approach needs to be. If you can develop a new strategy that can help you complete the resume in no time at all, you're in good shape. However, if it would involve more work than you're comfortable removing from other opportunities in your job search, you should simply focus on sending out more applications. It's also important to make sure, no matter how you approach the resume, that your information remains correct and directly relevant. By the way, don't scrap your first paper resume, either - some employers will likely want to see it in both its original and new forms.

Consider online applications

Wired reported that your paper resume may need different types of innovation as well. More companies are using big data and similar technology in their employee application software to determine which employees they'll want to hire. As a result, you'll need your resume to get past these systems to have a real chance at many opportunities.

In doing so, you'll need to make sure you review the job posting itself before starting, as many employers will rely on keywords listed in the resume to find their interview candidates. It's also a good idea to bolster your social media presence and experience if possible, as many job searching programs connect with these networks to get more information about their applicants. By having a consistent and quality online appearance, you'll impress any and all interviewers who check out your profiles.