How Millennials Can Better Prepare for the Job Search


For Millennials new to the job search, the real world may not be what they expected. When looking for a new position that can help kickstart their careers, there are plenty of positive strategies that can help advance the search.

According to Parade, one of the best ways to kick off a search is to look at different types of work environments and their various appeals to your needs. By looking at your work history and comparing which jobs you've had that you loved versus ones you didn't enjoy, you can see whether you'll do better in a creatively-based company or a more rigid and detailed position. From there, you can look into different companies that align with your experience and skills and work from there to guide your search.

The news source also recommends looking into the future and not just the present. Making a career plan that looks over the next five years of your career is a good idea, as it can give you important insight about the best type of job that you're willing to take. In some situations, a job that looks good on paper won't hold up over time. After developing this career plan, make sure you research the companies you apply to and see that they have the type of structure you're interested in. Otherwise, you might find that in two years, you won't have the opportunities for growth you'd prefer, and as a result will need to start the search all over again.

Show, don't tell

Forbes added that when you're applying for work, you should make sure that you're ready for the modern application process. In many industries, such as those that involve engineering work or web design, you'll want to have past projects that you can show potential employers. Even general jobs can be bolstered if you have a blog or similar project you can show a hiring manager. Nothing is better than having evidence to back up your application, as it can help boost your reputation over time. Even setting up an account on Twitter or the question-and-answer site Quora can be beneficial, as you'll be able to show your knowledge of certain topics and also boost your online reputation. Over time, this can help your search efforts greatly.

The news source noted that even if you have a topic you're interested in, that can help you in your job search. At the very least, you'll be able to bring it up during interviews and it will help establish your personality, which can be a big deal when employers want to make sure you're the right fit for their company. During your career, it can even become melded into your work. One example that the source gave was of Steve Jobs, who studied typography in college. Over the years, that interest helped him develop Apple's fonts, which are now seen on millions of Apple products and helped establish the company's brand.

Company culture is underrated

In some instances, simply finding a company that shares your interests and your way of thinking can be the springboard into a promising career. Parade noted that 88 percent of Millennials like working in collaborative cultures as compared to competitive ones. Keeping an eye on traits like these during the job search can be small but key in helping you choose where to target your applications and the level of success you'll find as a result.