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Aerotek Services Team Helps Automation Company Meet Demand

An automated, modern industrial factory floor with high-tech machinery and equipment. The area is brightly illuminated by overhead fluorescent lights, showcasing a clean and organized space. Various large metal machines with control panels and digital displays indicate manufacturing or assembly processes. An intricate network of pipes and ducts on the ceiling suggests a sophisticated climate control or ventilation system. The absence of personnel highlights the automated nature of the facility.

Client Profile

Our client is a leading provider of industrial automation services and products, offering customers an all-inclusive solution to meet their needs. They have experience in all aspects of systems integration and Instrumentation and Control (I&C) construction in mega fabrications, including Facility Monitoring and Control Systems (FMCS), Life Safety Control Systems Monitoring and Automation (LSS), water systems, and many other building production processes. As a systems integrator and instrumentation and control (I&C) construction firm, they support both software and hardware manufacturers. The client is completing new installation, retrofitting, and integration of electrical systems for a premier semiconductor manufacturer.


The manufacturer’s site is located outside of our client’s traditional market. The client did not have enough internal staff at this site to handle operational support, attract and keep qualified skilled trades workers and manage the workforce effectively.  The manufacturer had strict requirements for all subcontractors performing work on this project which included a complex onboarding process, documentation requirements, verification of trades licenses and adherence to compliance. Our client needed a solution from a services partner that addressed their challenges in a way that allowed them to retain control of overall project management but supported day-to-day operations. They also needed to maintain visibility into the overall project health which included nine different project scopes. 


Aerotek’s Construction Support Services experts provided a flexible solution after meeting with our client to discuss their challenges and how to successfully achieve their objectives. A dedicated Aerotek services delivery team developed a consistent and centralized partnership throughout the project lifecycle (execution, delivery, continuous improvements and project completion). Additionally, an onsite representative was included to partner with the client’s management team and provide the operational support required.    

Operational Support

The Aerotek services delivery team and our onsite representative provided the required operational support. This included the mobilization of the traveling workforce, orientation and training support, contractor performance management, adherence to safety policies, customer service, and additional tasks performed onsite or remotely. 

Reporting and Analytics

Our team established processes and training to ensure project task code allocation and additional key data by the workforce were captured. As a result, this allowed us to provide visibility into accurate reporting, ability to measure project health, and provide continuous improvements.  

Compliance Management

Our client needed to meet the strict documentation requirements set by the manufacturer. Our Construction Support Services team verified trades licenses, provided and verified OSHA 10 training, security/background checks and assured site badging prior to each worker’s start date. We participated in the owner-controlled insurance program for all work completed throughout the project and assured compliance with the policies, documentation, and procedures outlined by the jobsite specific insurance manual.  We were also required to enroll in nine separate owner-controlled insurance program (OCIP) project scopes for the client. Our team tracked the hours via weekly project adjacent codes and provided monthly reports.

Strategic Recruiting Centers

Like many of our partners, the client needed a solution to recruit and retain qualified talent on the project. Due to the lack of required skilled trades workers available in the local market, we determined that it was required to bring in the talent from outside markets to successfully complete the project. To accomplish this, we utilized local recruitment teams along with several dedicated Strategic Recruiting Centers across the United States. 


Aerotek’s Construction Services team’s support was critical in navigating operational, compliance, analytics, and workforce management while meeting scheduling demands. The client was able to retain project control while maintaining visibility into the project health. This allowed the client to save time and resources throughout the project lifecycle.  
Aerotek’s team supported in the mobilization, onboarding, orientation, performance, and logistical elements of the skilled trades workforce. This allowed our client to focus on their critical tasks and win additional scopes of work with the manufacturer.
Aerotek’s on-site support played a key role in effectively managing the skilled trades workers while meeting the scheduling constraints and project milestones. Additionally, it enabled us to maintain a high retention rate with the workforce. This allowed the client to focus on their core duties in supporting the manufacturer. 

“Aerotek has gone above and beyond their duties for us... They are always here when we need them, on call or onsite. They are always checking in on us…. They keep consistent communication and are always there to help us with our hiring needs,” – Aerotek Client